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SpringBoard is here to simplify your application process to your chosen university, and we are happy to assist with every step – including Visa applications, accommodation and travel. 
We can even help you out in dealing with everyday student life in abroad.

Follow up
SpringBoard4Education is the official representative of over 250+ education institutions in the UK, Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore. We have developed close relationships with our university partners and regularly organise training for our own team members to exchange information. This is to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information for our students.   For the complete list of school universities represented by SpringBoard4Education,  Click here.    The majority of SpringBoard’s professional counselling team have themselves graduated with a Master’s degree from the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand; therefore, we are perfectly placed to provide helpful advice to students drawing from our direct experience. We are proud to guide students who are interested in applying for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees. With over 13 years of experience, SpringBoard4Education is the leading UK education consultancy, which Cambodian and Lao students trust the most. Our students will receive essential guidance and information to support their study decisions, including the following:
  • University introductions: rankings, courses available, locations, life around the campus, and facilities for foreign students
  • Course introduction: course structures, course content guidelines, comparisons of the same course offered in different universities. This allows the applicant to have an initial understanding before making a decision.
  • Applicant qualification details for each course: GPA required, English language score, work experience, etc.
  • Initial cost assessment: tuition fee, accommodation fee, travelling expense and other living expenses
  • Scholarship information for qualified student
The SpringBoard team facilitates our students by submitting applications to universities on their behalf, and we will also keep track of the applications for them until a decision is made. We will take care every step of the process very well.
SpringBoard team has an experienced admissions team specialising in the school or university application process including checking relevant documents, submitting application forms , tracking the applications, and promptly informing students of any updates and outcomes. The time required for applications to be considered and a decision to be made will vary by university.

There are 3 main types of university offer
  • Unconditional Offer An unconditional offer means you have provided all the qualifications as required and have been accepted by the university onto the course.
  • Conditional Offer A conditional offer means you have to meet certain conditions, typical examples of this include: provide a final transcript that confirms your GPA; obtain a certain IELTS score or apply for a pre-sessional course; provide original copies of documents, make a deposit, etc. Once these conditions have been met, you will be accepted onto the course and the university will change your offer to unconditional.
  • Reject a rejection means you have not been accepted onto the course.
If you receive offers from more than 1 university, you should give yourself time to consider your options thoroughly.  Once you have made your decision about which offer to pursue, proceed to accept the offer and process to the next stage. SpringBoard team will advice you clearly about every process that will make your life easier and your study journey dream in reality. 
The SpringBoard team facilitates our students by submitting applications to universities on their behalf, and we will also keep track of the applications for them until a decision is made.
Besides giving advice on your applications and tracking the decisions from universities, SpringBoard counsellors also provide assistance with the visa application process. Each country has a different process of study visa but our expert team will handle this with ease. We have a very high track record of student visa successful rate in Cambodia and Laos.   

** The SpringBoard team only provides advice on visa application procedures for students applying through SpringBoard. Every visa granting depends on the embassy’s decision.
There is a lot to consider before you travel to the country of your destination for study. SpringBoard pre-departure briefing can answer your questions and help you prepare for your move to the country of your study.
Pre-departure briefings are events run by SpringBoard4Education in our office in Cambodia and Laos, for anyone planning to study in the UK and other countries, depend on their intake. They are usually held over a day or half-day, and include talks and workshops that give you the advice you need to start your studies with confidence.

We understand how important it is to find a suitable place to live while studying abroad, and we realise that each student has different needs and preferences for their accommodation. Therefore, Hands On has formed a team to provide advice on accommodation for our students. Whether you are looking for on or off-campus living, you may ask us for assistance.   Things to consider when looking for student accommodation abroad:
  • You should begin your search early. Good accommodation in a good location is always popular and options fill up quickly
  • Location, public transportation lines, safety, and facilities such as study rooms or fitness gyms
  • The different types of accommodation: single room, shared room, en-suite bathroom, or shared bathroom
  • Set your budget and stick to it
  • Conditions and contract of each place
Aside from helping our students by coordinating with on-campus accommodation, Hands On also partners with student housing providers such as, Londonist, Casita, Vista, StudyInn and others in order to help our students to find their most suitable accommodation.   For more information on accommodation options contact SpringBoard counsellors at any branch.

Travel insurance  
SpringBoard team is partnered with different insurance company in the UK, Australia, US, New Zealand, and Canada to support our students with the travel insurance.   As an International Student, accidents and sudden illnesses can be very traumatic and expensive experiences, when you’re away from home.   Peace of mind – accidents and illness do happen, with you are covered!       Overseas Student Travel Insurance mainly covered for:
  • Medical Expense Reimbursement
  • Follow-up in country within 12 hours
  • Loss of Tuition Fees
  • Compassionate visit (Per event / Per Policy)
  • Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disablement
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Expenses
  • Loss of / Damage to Personal Baggage and/or Personal Property
  • Personal Liability Abroad