When you prepare and enter students for Cambridge English exams, your school automatically becomes a Cambridge English preparation centre and gains access to many benefits. Cambridge English works with over 50,000 preparation centres in more than 130 different countries.

Working together

It’s easy to start offering Cambridge English qualification at your school – simply contact SpringBoard4Education (Click here). We will give you all the information you need to get started and tell you about the useful resources you can access on Cambridge English websites.

What you'll get from Cambridge English

Marketing and branding
Cambridge English will give you access to leaflets, posters, videos, presentations, and other useful downloads.  There are also certificates and logos available to show that you prepare students for Cambridge English Qualifications.
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Exam preparation 

Cambridge English have developed a huge variety of learning materials, based on research into how children learn best, so your students can improve their English both inside and outside the classroom.

Teacher training

We support teachers every step of the way, ensuring they have the skills and confidence they need to teach in the most effective way possible, and the qualifications to prove it.

What SpringBoard4Education will help you with

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Exam information
SpringBoard4Education will give you all you need to know about exam dates, preparation, and how to get results.
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Access to exam result

You can get access to Cambridge English Online result service , so you can get your students’ results faster. 

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Financial reward

Your school will be given a wide range of financial reward at a certain amount per exam in order to support your teachers, utilities, and course when you run exam preparation to your student

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A free trip to the UK

Every year we awarded three to five places to our outstanding preparation centre and partners who have achieved their target of placing number students for any type of exams. The partner schools offer this opportunity to their academic team member or out standing teachers to join us for a 10 days trip to visit Cambridge, and other part of the UK at our cost (return flight ticket, accommodation, meals, and ground transportation).

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Certificate ceremony support

We will provide toolkit with all the resources (leaflet, banner, stands, printed promotional material) you need to promote and run an event to celebrate your students’ achievements. In some case, we will promotional material and trip award to an outstanding student.

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Marketing & Social media support

Your school name, logo, information will be shared on Cambridge English Authorised centre social media platform in number of time over the year. We will give you access to printed materials and promotional materials that you can display and give away to your students. 

Cambridge English Preparation Centre

Next steps

Contact SpringBoard4Education to register as an official preparation centre – fill up information below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.