Ing Sreypov

Bachelor of Commerce @Deakin University
Dear Sir/Madam @ SpringBoard4Education

With this letter I would hereby like to compliment to counsellor team, a student support  officer at Campus Australia (SpringBoard4Education) for her excellent service she provided me last few months  since I seat for an IELTS and applied for studying in Australia. Furthermore, they  helped me to sort out my application form and assisted me many information that I  revealed there were many obstacles and difficulties exist during this process. I have always been pleased with the service I receive at Campus Australia (SpringBoard4Education). Hence, their  professionalism and enthusiasm to get to the root of the issue promptly exceeded my  expectations. This type of professionalism and commitment to the highest level of  customer’s satisfaction has to be acknowledged. Having in mind such as pleasant  experience with them it would be my pleasure of my right decision to pick this service at  Campus Australia (SpringBoard4Education).

Ing SreyPov
Chea Voanching
Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles @University of Technology Sydney